I'm Elysia.
Wine artist.
Travel adventurer and
world wanderer. 
Admitted latte addict.
Lover of leftovers and
behind-the-scenes special features.
Amateur salsa dancer.
And of course–I love wine.


It all started with Malbec.

I fell in love with this deliciously rich red wine while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, the catalyst for the life I lead today. That experience led to a deep desire to live abroad, which percolated for years before finally coming to fruition in 2014. My fiancé and I spent 18 months living in New Zealand (I love NZ’s fruity Sauvignon Blanc!) and then Colombia, having the most incredible experiences along the way. 

I didn't set out to become an artist. I started my career in travel PR, but after discovering that life can be so much more than a 9-5 job, I was determined to create my dream life. I've lived in four countries in my life and have plans for more. I'm so lucky that I get to go wherever my heart leads me!


The idea of painting with wine came to me serendipitously as I was painting acrylic pieces inspired by our travels. I was in a low point in my life, searching for inspiration and joy, and it found me in the form of wine. I experimented a lot (drinking a decent amount of wine in the process!) and honed what is now a multi-step customized system to develop art-ready wine.  

Wine is already art. The artistry that goes into every bottle of wine is always the foundation of my inspiration. I'm always fascinated when I open a new bottle and get excited to see the color it will produce. Each piece I create seeks to visually express the beauty of wine and its colors, and I try to incorporate other wine elements in my pieces when I can. I love using corks to create my pieces when possible, to further my connection to the beauty of the winemaking process. 

Just like wine does in a bottle, the color will transition over time as the wine ages. That's what makes this type of art so unique!