“A day of wine tasting No. 9 | 8x8” wine painting on paper

“A day of wine tasting No. 9 | 8x8” wine painting on paper


When I go for a day of wine tasting, I have to take notes on the wines I liked, and if I can help it, I go back the next day to buy my favorites. Because after the second or third stop, all the wines have blended together and I can’t remember what was what!

The experience of the wines mixing and bleeding together in your memory and mouth inspired this gallery. Each piece represents a different stop along a wine region tour that all add up to a delightful if not somewhat muddled tasting experience.

These wine tasting squares will bring peace and calm into your space! This piece was painted with Sangiovese, Aglianico, Zinfandel, and Rosé and feels like you’re tasting your way through a delicious flight of four different wines.

Details and things to know:

  • 8x8 inches wine painting.

  • Frame is sold separately {it measures 12x12” total}. You can add that frame here.

  • If you choose to frame it on your own, 8x8” is a standard size and you can look for 12x12” frames with an opening for 8x8”.

  • I recommend framing your wine paintings ASAP to help protect the color, and when displaying the piece in your home, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight.

  • Please allow me up to one week to process and lovingly package your order.

I’ve kept the price of each low so that you can build your own set or gallery wall if you’d like!

* I offer multiple payment plans via PayPal; email me at hello@elysiamyerswineart.com and I’ll set it up for you.

** If you buy more than one painting, I will refund you the extra shipping charges.

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